Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mystery subject

A little game - the following two images are from a mystery object.

One guess per post.

  1. Its a structure
  2. Its rural
  3. Its in Australia
  4. Its part of infrastructure
  5. It involves a construction activity

Correct guess and I'll show you full images of the object and activity.


LindaG said...

All I think I see is mud, lol. And I'm clueless on the second shot.
Look forward to seeing what it is. :)

JohnD said...

No! Not mud - in fact quite dry and originally vry hard!

Maria said...

Um. Your house. Cut me a break. I've never been to your neck of the woods!

Gill - That British Woman said...


I see on my dashboard that you have published posts since this one, but I can't access them, it says they have been deleted? Any ideas?

Gill in Canada

JohnD said...

Maria - Yep.'ll give you and everyone else a break and post the result later today.

Gill, I tried to put up the full John Lewis Christmas advert but youtube wouldn't let me so I deleted it. You can view it at - its well worth a look as it typifies Christmas and children.

cathy@home said...

is it a bridge.

JohnD said...

Yay! Three cheers for Cathy at home - spot on!