Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rebutting a comment - re 'Davis Family History'

Had a note from one, Garry Poole, who commented on my articles on the Davis Family - Gounyan Creek, Murrumbateman - an updated post – and  Gounyan Creek MurrumbatemanNow Mr Poole claims to be third generation Davis family and says that all my information is so wrong that it is just pure sh*t and that if I want the correct information I should ask the members of the Davis Family.

Well, Mr Poole, firstly I do not post abusive comments under a topic banner. I deal with them in an open forum 

Secondly, I did say in my article, Gounyan Creek, Murrumbateman - an updated post::

One must also appreciate that the records of the early days of settlement were poorly kept and often misrecorded, so one must draw their own conclusions from such records on the evidence before them:”

Thirdly, Mr Poole, much of my material comes from the Davis Family’s own history and research, or, from official documents of the day.

As far as my “…… asking the Davis family for the truth about their history ……”, that would be a bit like asking a politician if he was honest – the answer is sure to be a self-fulfilling statement of assertion rather than fact.

I did speak to members of the Ngunnawal indigenous group in this area – notably members of the Bell, Brown, Bulgar, Merritt, Monaghan and Phillips families, all  descendants of the seven clans who lived in fairly specific localities. The Maloongoola lived in the Molongolo area, the Biyaligee, in the area of Pialligo, the Namitch or amwitch lived in the area we know as Namadgi, the Cumbeyan lived in the Queanbeyan area, the Kanberri lived in the Belconnen area, the Toogoranoongh lived in Tuggeranong and the Woolobaloah lived in the Yass area.

You can read more about their extended pre-European history in the records of the Native Title Conferences, and for the ngunnawahl, Meet some Elders - profiles of members of the United Ngunnawahl Elders  from a recent Native Title Conference.

Mr Poole, I invite ‘fair comment’ but I will not post abuse. I am happy for you to have your say and if it is reasonable I am willing to post your version of the Davis family history. Alternatively you may start your own blog and write what you like to see in print.

Mr Poole, you may also find enlightenment through the educational program "Understanding the Land through the Eyes of the Ngunnawal People - A natural Resource Management Program for ACT Schools"

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