Sunday, January 8, 2012

The boys in Goulburn

A few years back the boys were holidaying with us and we heard that State Rail were offering a free ride on the new Very Fast Train (VFT) that they were putting in as an express service from Goulburn to Sydney. I asked the boys if they'd like to go on a train ride (Aidan, the eldest, was 'train crazy', like most boys his age)

Of course they said "Yay!!!! so we drove over to Goulburn to the Sloane Street Railway Station, got our free tickets (it was restricted number of passengers to seats available) and our showbags and boarded the train. It only did a run of about 10 klms up the track and then the driver changed ends and drove it back down again - but it did get up to a fairly fast clip of pace in those two runs.

Now, I don't know what the boys enjoyed more?
The train ride?

The showbags full of State rail 'goodies'?

The play on the play gym in the park after the train ride?

The extra large ice cream sundae at the local cafe?

Or having their photo taken standing under the balls of the Big Merino?

Either way - they DID have a great day and laughed all the way home!


Shammickite said...

Can you believe I went into the shop that is by the Huge Merino Sheep when I was there in 2003.... I bought a little necklace which I wear all the time. We were driving back to Canberra from a few days in Katoomba.
Your boys seemed to have a great time that day.

LindaG said...

Oh my gosh. LOL!
That last picture is definitely a strange one!
What a fantastic day that must have been. :-)