Thursday, January 12, 2012


Oh dear its summer time and Australian flock to the beach and with all that 'fodder' in the water the sharks are drawn in! Here is an article from "Granny" (The Sydney Morning Herald):

A shark is spotted not far from swimmers at Bennetts beach yesterday. Photo: Westpac Rescue Helicopter

"Beachgoers were rushed out of the water at Hawks Nest near Newcastle yesterday when three great white sharks were spotted not far from board riders and swimmers.
The alarm was raised by crew members aboard the Westpac Rescue Helicopter who saw the three-metre sharks in the calm, clear water off Bennetts beach about 11.20am. 
Crew chief Pete Cummings said one was "pretty close" behind a group of surfers, who were the same distance from shore as nearby swimmers.

"There were about 100 or so people having a swim," Mr Cummings said.
 "[The sharks] didn't look like they were chasing fish; they were just cruising."

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We have friends who have retired to Hawks nest, a very picturesque coastal area on the north coast of new South Wales.

Snorkelling in Nelson Bay

Little Beach Nelson Bay


John Gray said...

I think I will sunbathe ONLY thank you

Jim said...

We could SO use a little of that sunshine here! Not to mention the warm temps!
Sharks would freak me out. Any lakes near by? lol