Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yass Dam Upgrade

Walked up the river yesterday - took Denny-the-Dog and my good Nikon and got a few pics of the work being done to raise our dam wall 1 metre (thus tripling capacity) and, hopefully, drought-proofing us - but I 've heard this before when it didn't work - Pejar Dam at Goulburn was s'posed to drought-proof Goulburn but ran dry and stayed that way through the ten worst years of the recent drought!

Downstream of dam wall - not an easy trek!

Very rocky terrain - basalt and granite outcrops

Construction work in progress

Construction Works Depot - not sure what the green building in
foreground is suspect it is part of the existing Water Treatment plant.

I managed to find a ledge on the high ground to get these photographs and attracted much attention from the construction workers - maybe they thought I was some sort of spy from some regulatory agency (River water IS very dirty from all the construction work and I'm surprised that our Fisheries Inspectorate haven't said something about this - they kicked up a stink when council wanted to widen the low level river crossing to allow two lanes of traffic!)

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LindaG said...

Well, I hope it helps. Sometimes money gets people (Fisheries Inspectors?) to look the other way.

Or after the drought, maybe they figure there has to be a little dirt. Who knows.

If you don't look at the construction, it's very pretty scenery. :)