Friday, February 3, 2012

Crazy weather

We have had a few days up at "The Camp" - lovely and quiet now all the holiday makers have gone - but the rain was continuous. We had a short break on Tuesday that allowed us to get the grass cut but while we were there we had 50mm (2 inches) of rain.

We get back home and its poring rain - 38mm (one and a half inches) overnight.

Queensland, our northernmost state, is being inundated and many areas of Queensland and Northern New South Wales are being evacuated. Moree, a significant city on the inland rout northwards has has 1,600 people evacuated in the past 24 hours.

Sydney, the New South Wales capital city, had a temperature of 30C last Sunday - the first day this summer that the temperature has gone of 30C this summer and the last time that occurred was in 1999. They have also had unseasonal, almost continual rain fall.

Now, if that's not been enough we are now facing the prospect of a huge iceberg 'calving' off a glacier in Antarctica. This thing is huge and will cause a localised tsunami when it 'calves' off as well as contribute to seal level raising.


Sharon said...

That's a lot of rain for already soaked land, I saw some of this on the news. Flood insurance must be pretty high in the region, huh? Terrible mess!

Maybe we are having global warming after all... losing a chunk of a glacier doesn't sound good at all!

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

I hope the iceberg doesn't happen! Crazy weather is right. Did the Queensland not just get hit last year too and loose all it's banana trees, plus lots others? What is your "Camp", John. Trailer park, tenting, cabin?

Cindy (here in Ontario, Canada)

JohnD said...

Cindy - sent you a few links to posts of "the Camp".

Sharon - insurance premiums leapt last year as insurer's slugged all 'across the board', including those who live/built in low risk areas, to pay the costs incurred by those who want to live in high risk areas. It is my belief that stronger use of the building codes should be applied for those who desire to live/build in high risk areas!

Gill - That British Woman said...

the weather is all over the place this year.......I think it's all to do with this Global Warming...........saw all that you posted on our news here in Canada.


John Gray said...

minus 8 here tonight!!!