Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm being 'spammed'

"Sweet Deva at ronjoewhite" left a post on my blog reading list - I read it and went to their home page and thought I would subscribe to their blog - then ....... I got hit with eight simultaneous blog posts some that were hyperlinked to porn sites .... that's when I tried to get rid of them.

I have (hopefully) managed to remove them from my reading list. They are simply a spamming site using a blog front to go fishing for readers and when you subscribe you get hit with all these hyperlinked posts that re-direct you to other sites (some of them not very nice!)

I notice  "". is also on my list - I think I'll delete them as well!

KPTP also wrote - 
The same appeared on my Blog list.  I removed him from my blog feed list - where it appeared as something like "". The original was someone who followed me and I followed him. He then took a rest and has just popped up again, but seems to have been hacked?
driversuz also has commented:
I have him too, but I can't find him on my reading list, so I can't delete him.  
Latenightguy added:
I also had that site show up in my reading list. Somehow the person (Ron) who formerly had a blog called 'The Old Geezer" changed his URL to the and his new page is diverting to spam type advertising pages. I don't know if he installed a new gadget or template which contain malware or what, but I deleted his blog from my reading list and blogroll. Problem solved

So, look out people for unsolicited visits from  "Sweet Deva at ronjoewhite" and "" in your reading list


LindaG said...


Thanks for the heads up, John!

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Thanks for making us aware, John ! I have a website on my reading list who had spam, and blogger won't let me delete them, as I keep trying. There has been something going around on Twitter as well the past couple of days. What is wrong with people? I wish they would leave others alone, but then that wouldn't be the way of the World, now would it? :( .

Gerry Adams said...

Hi John, I am "Late Night Guy" from the forum. Here is Ron's real new URL: That old one was apparently taken over by a spammer who is using it now.

SoCal Blogger said...

Hi John

Thanks for the warning. I'm trying to fix the problem with blogger.