Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bizarre Trucking Event

A truck set up, complete with television. Photo: supplied

A semi-trailer driver was caught with a little too much widescreen and not enough windscreen yesterday, in a bizarre police case in which in-car entertainment was taken to the extreme. The truck had been seen driving erratically along the Hume Highway yesterday morning just after peak-hour, with several reports being made to police.

A highway patrol had pulled the truck over near Goulburn at 9.35am, and soon made an unusual discovery inside.

The driver had bolted a 32cm widescreen TV to the dashboard, hooking it up to a portable DVD player. The TV had been blocking off most of the truck's windscreen, making it ''extremely dangerous'' to drive, according to police. The driver was a 32-year-old from Western Australia..

He was fined for driving a vehicle without a clear view and using a mobile phone while driving, as well as a number of other offences. His truck was not impounded by police.


Sharon said...

Gee, a home away from home. Good grief!

Jo said...

Oh no, that is scary! Especially after the horrible accident on that bridge recently....

Anonymous said...

What a 'TOOL" These idiots are making it look bad for the decent guys that don't break the law( LIke my old man). Time they were removed from the road....permanantly. Sue

JohnD said...

Yes! Not really the sharpest tool in the she, wasn't he!