Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dogs just seem to love me ....

Well, the daughter and partner Anthony turned up - with the two 12 month old puppies (a cocker spaniel X called Candy - who simply adores me - and a Terrier X named Caddy who is Denny-the-dogs best playmate!) Fortunately I had enough notice to take time to 'dog-proof' the backyard where I'm top-dressing the lawn before Autumn gets into full swing.


Caddy greets me!

They left Sydney around 7 pm on Friday and drove down, arriving about 10.30pm - just in time for me to go to bed. Kathleen and Anthony were due to go to a craft fair at the National Convention Centre the following day but Anthony was full of the 'Flu, on antibiotics and had missed the last two days at work.

I could not understand why they even made the trip down from Sydney!

The next morning, over breakfast, Rhonda and I made an assessment of Anthony and we advised that he did not go to Canberra, that he stayed at our home, sat out in the sun and fresh air, kept his fluids up and took regular paracetamol. Rhonda would go with Kathleen to the Craft Fair, making it a girl's outing and the boys stay at home and have a 'time out' day. They accepted that advice.

So, the boys sat out in the sun, under the sun umbrella and chatted - Anthony borrowed three military biographies from me - the girls went to Canberra and the dogs played.

Caddy and Candy

Until they were exhausted:

After the dogs were rested and had found some more energy Anthony and I took the three dogs for a walk along the riverbank, damaged by flooding rains, 

Up around St Clements historical church,

Back through town and on to home.

Kathleen and Rhonda came home so I set up the BBQ - Roast Rack of Lamb and baked vegetables - and sat back with a cool beer and listened to what the girls had to say and gave the dogs some more attention,

Denny wanted some 'time out' from the puppies games, so he sought shelter indoors with Rhonda, who was enjoying a quiet cup of coffee.

The cook did a great job with the BBQ - everyone enjoyed it - So he saluted himself!

and Kathleen convinced Anthony that a new Weber BBQ was on the shopping list!

Its now Sunday afternoon and all visitors have departed and an air of serenity prevails once more over the precinct!


North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Sound like despite Anthony's "flu", a fantastic time was had by all. Hats off to the Chef !

LindaG said...

What a great hat!
Lovely scenery. Thanks for all the pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time, especially since the pups were worn out twice!
Hope you all have a wonderful, dry week!

JohnD said...

Yes! They were happy to come down here - Kat is a Canberra born and bred girl so the Craft Fair was a 'hometown visit' for her and Ant just loves this area and wants to move here (finding work is the problem)

JohnD said...

Found out years ago - the best way to treat energetic pups is like young children, let them run and gently guide them away from mischief and they tire themselves out and you get a chance to relax while they recuperate,

The hat! That's my gardening hat and I often forget I've left it on the truck seat and sit on it when I hop in - lol! But I like it as it covers my 'monks pate'!

momto8 said...

sounds like you have a good thing going!

JohnD said...

Yep! Worked hard for 59 years to get it that way! lol!