Thursday, March 29, 2012

First major outing in over a week.

Rhonda asked me if I felt well enough to pick up a few items from the supermarket (she started her new position as a nurse at the local Retirement Village today) so I said yes!

After a shower and shave, I pulled up the bed clothes, did the washing up from breakfast and then put Denny in the truck and headed out. Must have been a bit shaky as I had to correct the reverse down the driveway at least twice.

Stopped at the Post Office - only rubbish in the mail, drove over to RTA and got a new windscreen holder for my disability parking permit and headed up to the supermarket. Bread, some choc mini-muffins, Cavendish bananas, Kiwi fruit, sliced corn beef, smoked fish fillets, Ox heart for Denny, two bottles of mineral water, 12 bottles of spring water, a tube of Voltarin emugel cream for the arthritic joints and two Asian soup packs - total $AUS66 - Wow!

Cavendish bananas are typically sold while still slightly green.

Did you know that Kiwi fruit (aka Chinese Gooseberries) require a
male and a female vine to produce flowers to create cross-pollination?
Sex in the garden - how good is it? LOL!

By the time I got all that out and into the truck I was 'pooped' but I knew Denny wanted his run down the riverbank, so we drove down to the park.

I sat on a bench under a spruce tree, there were very few people around so I let Denny run off his lead. You know, he only went a few metres from me and would not go any further. I knew he was just dying to go down to the rivers edge, but he wouldn't go until I got off the seat, walked over to him and gave him permission.

Well, now I'm home, the rain has stopped this morning (we had over an inch in the past 24 hours) and the sun is out. Going to make up an Asian prawn and herb soup and take it outside and sit in the sun and have some lunch.


Sharon said...

Isn't it astonishing how the prices are going up and up and the package sizes are going down?

I'll bet Denny loved the run!

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Don't over do it ! Bananas are an outrageous price there, are they not? I can get them at .67 cents/lb (I am still stuck between metric & imperial) which I think is high enough ! Hope Rhonda enjoys her new job !

JohnD said...

Yes - they are about $AUS1.29/kilo over here which is about the same price you pay/lb

John Gray said...

my sort of post... just like mine.. a little snippet of ordinary life

JohnD said...

He loves Riverbank Park and just sits by my side as I feed stale bread to the ducks on the pond.

JohnD said...

Ordinary, everyday mundane living, ehhh! LOL!