Saturday, March 31, 2012

Luck's a fortune

When I walked Denny up town to the news agents to get this morning's newspaper I stopped in at the Op Shop to see if they would take an almost new mattress and base off my hands - we've had it for about a year up at "The Camp" - its a double bed unit but it aggravates my back injury to sleep on it.

For HSE reasons they would not take a mattress and they said bed bases were too hard to shift and the last one sat in the shop for months - not interested. Funny - when we had the floods and thousands of homes were inundated with muddy, clayish, flood waters, all the charities were begging for clean furniture. Even a halfway decent new DB mattress and base costs around $AUS1,000 here. Unreal!

On my way out I spotted this little china pottery mortar and pestle for $AUS5.00 - brand new and original purchase ticket on it for $AUS14.99. I snapped it up.

I already have a large mortar and pestle, carved out of a granite block, that sits on my bench-top, however its often too big for some small jobs. This one was just ideal!

Now I've got a pair and I'm happy!

Oh! btw - as I left, one of the volunteer ladies approached me - she was interested in the mattress and base. Sure enough, when she finished for the morning she turned up at home with her partner and they were delighted to take the mattress and base off my hands! Good day all round!


North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Good find on the motar and pestle. I think there are a couple places we can get a dlb mattress set for $299 (lower quality) here in Ontario. I just bought a dbl set "used" for $300.00,for the spare room, original price $750.00. Can't even get a good comfortable night's sleep without it costing an arm & a leg.

"Just Me"

JohnD said...

Too true - on both counts! What annoys me is that at retail beds cost so much but once you walk out the door with them they are considered 'personal items' and the Op Shops don't want them (until disasters create a crisis need) - Yet they sell used underwear. I don't know how the ladies feel about wearing some other females cast off bra and panties but I think I wouldn't want to wear some other guys shorts!