Thursday, March 8, 2012

To serve with one's life!

Hundreds of police from across New South Wales will today say farewell to an officer shot dead while on duty in Tamworth. Senior Constable David Rixon, 40, was killed after a routine traffic stop in the New England town last Friday.
The highway patrol vehicle will be pride of place within the funeral cortege and will have a special set of number plates placed on that vehicle in memory of him.

The highway patrol officers would be the 'Police Elite Force' of any state or federal force in Australia. 
In a tribute to Senior Constable Rixon, The acting president of the Tamworth Golf Club, Andrew Graham, said:
"He loved his golf, he loved his footy and loved his family and above all else he enjoyed being a cop, which is probably the most disappointing thing about it," Mr Graham said. "He was very good at it, he gave me a clip on the ear too. But it doesn't change my opinion of him and I think there's so many people within the golf club and social circles that have the same opinion of him."
Constable Rixon leaves behind a wife and six children. He served his time in many rural communities through my region and was well a known and respected officer


Gill - That British Woman said...

it's always a sad day when a member of the police force is killed...


JohnD said...

Yes! Dave Rixon had just started his shift and pulled over a 'suspect car', so I guess he was expecting something, he was 'no fool'. He did manage to shoot and kill the driver before he died. A task force is now investigating and suspect the car contained a second person.

I reckon Dave Rixon would give up anything, even his sight, if it meant he could still be alive and sharing his life with his wife and six children.