Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cyclist rages at bus

Cyclist punches bus!

ACT Policing confirmed it was talking to a cyclist yesterday after an apparent road rage

The incident occurred shortly before midday when a bike pulled up alongside the Explorer tourist bus at traffic lights. A witness said he saw the bike rider bash on the bus door, smashing a hole in a glass panel.

I don't know what others think but even in the face of severe provocation you would have to be considered 'unbalanced' to go around punching a 30 to 40 tonne bus!  Certainly not the temperament for someone to be riding a bicycle in city traffic - and Canberra is really not a 'Peak' traffic city like Sydney, Melbourne, London, New York, etc! - it's more your 'laid back' morning and evening peak hour transit traffic type city!


nick said...

So what was his problem? Why was he angry with the bus driver? Or was he just angry with bus drivers in general?

JohnD said...

Not known yet but was probably something like 'being cut off'! Driving a 30-40 tonne bus through city precincts is no fun. A bike can stop and turn on a ten cent piece - a bus is no road ballerina!