Friday, April 6, 2012


The National Zoo showed off one of its newest arrivals this morning - a three-week-old zebra foal named Malawi.
Malawi joins a herd of four other zebra at the zoo, and while still dependent on his mother Zahra for food, he is already showing signs of wanting to strike out alone. National Zoo wildlife supervisor Bec Scott said Malawi liked to explore away from Zahra, but if a bird or a loud noise frightened him he would dash right back to his mother.

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joeh said...

Just keep him away from the Drop Bears!

Cranky Old Man

JohnD said...

Male Zebra's are the natural enemy of Drop Bears. Their stripes turn green on yellow in Australia, making them perfectly camouflaged to hide in the bushes and boot the sh*te out of the Drop Bears as they fall out of the trees.

Jim said...

So unique, these creatures are! Thanks for sharing this John!

JohnD said...

Yes! Malawi is one of 30 such Zebras to come out of the Zoos breeding program and is already 'booked' to go to a zoo in North Queensland at 12 months old to continue the program.