Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peacock Spider Maratus harrisi

How amateurs discovered Namadgi's tiny dancer

By Rosslyn Beeby
April 3, 2012

New peacock spider Maratus harrisi named after ACT vineyard worker
Stuart Harris. Photo: Jurgen Otto

A fleck-sized jumping spider resting on a yellow leaf caught the eye of Stuart Harris while on a bushwalk to Boroomba Rocks in Namadgi National Park. A keen amateur photographer, Mr Harris was experimenting with a new macro lens and liked the contrast between the foliage and the spider's markings. And, as millions of photographers do in these digital days, he posted the photograph on his Flickr site.

"I though it was an interesting photograph of an unusual spider, and hoped a spider expert might be able to identify it," he says.

See the "Courtship Dance" of the Maratus harrisi 

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Anonymous said...

Amazing dancing!

How could I get in touch with Stuart and Jurgen? I am making a short documentary on courtship behaviors and would love to present the little guy!

Alex (