Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pimms Hut Wee Jasper

I've been on the lookout for a mountain home up around Wee Jasper on the back road to Tumut.

Pimms Hut  has come on the market and it is about 15kms up a gravel road from Wee Jasper and is ideal for my current purposes and also fits my future plans - away from the gravel road, the current building has two large bedrooms, open plan kitchen, dining and living area with fully serviced bathroom.

Pimm’s Hutt was originally part of Wee Jasper Station. It is 4,737 acres or 1,917 ha of which approximately 600 acres has been previously cleared or partly cleared and is free hold land with the reliable and pristine (permanent) Micalong Creek running through it. Brook and Rainbow trout can be caught in the creeks and the dam shows lots of sign of Yabby activity (a type of freshwater crayfish).

Timber harvesting income under Forestry permit is an income option with quality timber comprising, Yellow Box, Messmate, Mountain Ash and Stringybark.

Unfortunately its out of my price range - at present - the owner wants to sell and its not permanently occupied. 

(See the creek ford and access road pictures below and that will give you and idea of how often it has been accessed of late.)

Features include:Wood, open fire heating to cottage; Boundary and internal fences are in good condition; Many springs and small creeks run through the property; Spring fed large dam; Good all weather roads to property, and within; Cleared house site with electricity nearby; Spectacular views.

These are some photos of it:


Old hut beside new hut

Old hut beside new hut 2

Original Pimms Hut

Old hut beside new hut 3

Huts overlooking Micalong Creek

Micalong Creek

Micalong Creek

Creek access ford

Partially cleared pasture

Partially cleared pasture 2

Access Road


North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

John, what a lovely property, something I am sure I would like myself. Hoping the price comes down & works into your "plans". Is it far from town?

"Just Me"

LindaG said...

Gosh, I know it would be perfect.
Any chance of a loan or payments or something?
Maybe he'd trade?
Shame. Such a fantastic place!

Hope you are well!

JohnD said...

Its about an hour from town over a sealed but twisting road through the Tinderry ranges - very narrow, two cars can just pass each other in spots. High asking price, poor access and no shops are the down side but it has the potential to set up a trout fishing lodge and angling school as well as sub-let space to a few who like have their own little 'bush hide-away.

JohnD said...

Linda, as we are both over 65 we cannot get a mortgage loan and the only loans available to us are high interest personal loans with strict default clauses. Its in the hands of a real estate agent who wants every dollar commission they can get, so they won't budge on the price.

AstridsSoapbox said...

Australia is a beautiful country...I miss it! What a pity you can't get a loan. I had no idea mortgage lenders were so rigid about age. Got any kids who might help with guaranteeing a loan? Smiles - Astrid

JohnD said...

Yes! You will not gat a mortgage in Australia if you are over 65. Current mortgage repayment interest is around 7%. Personal loan interest rates run from 12% t0 17% - Bloody robbers that banks are.

As for kids - its more a case of us shelling out money to assist them!

Anonymous said...

I used to go fishing with my dad when I was a kid in all that area. Good memories.
The no loan over 65 is a new one to me, John. Is that a new thing? Maybe you should put this into the hand of a broker. He/she will be able to access a loan for you. I do all my dealing through a broker and it doesn't cost you a thing. Sue

JohnD said...

It's not a thing they publicise as it is overt age discrimination. Its more a case of when you apply they put heaps of obstacles in your way - like the average term of loan is 25 years, so if you are 70 how many males are likely to live to 95 years. So what they do is reduce the term of the mortgage loan to an average of 12 to 15 years and the repayments are super-excessive.

My Niece is a district bank manager and when I spoke to her she just said "Forget about a mortgage!" and her bank is Australia's largest mortgage lender.