Monday, April 16, 2012

Road trip

Rhonda and I had a few things to attend to in Cowra so we decided to do an overnight trip to "The Camp" where we could also check the state of things after the Easter public holidays, cut the grass, etc.

I was still not 100% so I sat in the passenger seat while Rhonda drove up and back. The trip was about 2 hours and involved three major towns, each with their own hill ranges that led into broad valleys. The further west you went the broader and flatter the valley floor.

Leaving home - fog in town

Across the highway and onto the Yass plains  - the Lachlan Valley Way,
Route 81, Yass to Cowra

Into Boorowa

Boorowa War Memorial - country towns try to 'outdo' each other on the
lavishness of their memorials

Boorowa Plains

Morongalo - blink and you miss it.

Over the range and into Cowra plains

Entering Cowra - Railway bridge ahead

Cowra main street (Hate it - mostly reverse 45 degree parking)

Rocky hills, Darbys Falls - used in days gone by as lookouts
by Bushrangers (outlaws)

Darbys Falls - don't blink

Wyangala store and service station. Only this and the Country Club
as local businesses

Across the dam wall at Wyangala - soon to be closed to the public and a
detour route established through Wyangala township

Dam flood gates

Granite cutting - pneumatic drilled and dynamited out of the granite base.

Granite outcrops typical of the Wyangala, Darbys Falls,
Frogmore region almost like a collection of natural monolithic Menhirs!

Heading back home

Turning back onto Lachlan Valley Way - Route 81

Back into town

Over the bridge, turn right and home again!


Anonymous said...

You didn't happen to see Petal in your travels, did you. White and blur B-double with cattle crates? Haha! You could have waved to my brother on your way to Cowra too. Yes's all nice and flat around this area. Sue

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

Nice trip you got to have as passenger, John ! See you have a few don't "blink" places over there too ! LOL My hometown of Southampton, Ontario, has 45 degree parking, but most certainly NOT in reverse !!! That is crazy & I would hate it too! Thanks for the trip, John. I am going to win the big lottery some day & personally come over there to take a trip with you. Ha,ha,ha... "Just Me"

JohnD said...

Those guys have a hard job and some idiot motorists don't make it any easier for them - like those who like to tuck in behind in their 'blind spot'.

JohnD said...

I absolutely hate reverse 45 degree parking - we have it in Yass but it is 'drive nose in'.

If we win the lottery first we'll come and visit you!