Monday, April 9, 2012

What happens to the leftovers?

Recycled body bits ... there are many uses for our excess baggage.

Recycling tummy tuck by-products has become a big business. But do patients have a right to know where their unwanted fat ends up?

Last October, Rebecca Travers, a PhD student, got in her Renault and drove to a private hospital in Bath, England, known for its cosmetic surgery. Travers wasn't interested in having a tummy tuck. She wanted the fat that was left after the tuck was done. At the appointed time, and with the patient still sedated, the theatre staff produced the sample - abdominoplasty can result in quite large pieces of intact flesh and this weighed around 1kg. Travers placed it into her container - a metal tray in a plastic box - and then she drove back to Bath University to begin her analysis.
She was investigating adipose tissue - fat - and is part of a growing number of medical researchers and specialists who see in cosmetic surgery what many miss: the waste. Cosmetic surgery, after all, is all about removing excess fat and tissue. The mission of these experts is to rescue it from the incinerator.

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AstridsSoapbox said...

Although I'm sure Ms. Travers research is wildly valid (?)...all I can say is "eeewwwwww." Smiles - Astrid

JohnD said...

Not much left-overs at the Hannibal Lecter Institute, I s'pose

cathy@home said...

Well recycling has a new meaning for me.

Anonymous said...

I guess it'll be like going to the butcher in the future. Yuk! Sue