Thursday, May 17, 2012

Click! Clack! Snap!

And another mousetrap goes off.
Some are little toffs
that make-off with a feed
that they feel they are in need,
While others, poor dears, 
are caught up to their ears.

Rhonda uses cheese
But for me doesn't please.
being a complete nutter,
I use peanut butter.
(2 for the butter, cheese none,
I don't think we'll ever be done!)

One cheeky messer,
sits upon the dresser
giving his whisker a wash.
If I get close to him, by gosh
'll belt him with a cosh!

No! I'm not getting old
(Yes I am, but nevertheless)
the meeces are coming in from the cold.
Around the bench and under the bureau
they run without furore.
Oh! they leave their little pieces
how I hate them meeces!

It's a problem, Oh dear!
That happens every year
and we know they are not lost.
For when we see them in here
we know without fear,
it is the time of the first frost!

Mr Mouse is so bold
I wonder if I'll please him
if I put in a gym
and he runs until he's too old
to gnaw on my bikkies
and becomes a regular Mickey?


joeh said...

I think you need a cat.

joeh said...

Oh, thanks for the headline and comment!

LindaG said...

Great poem!
Maybe you can rent a mouser...

JohnD said...

The dog would eat it! He sits and watches as the mice come out and nibble on his munchies and has look on his face that says "Hey! Those are mine, if you please!"

JohnD said...

Hope you liked it! lol!

JohnD said...

I will stick to the mouse traps - just put my goat casserole on to slow cook, came into the study and another trap has gone off but no mouse! Blighters!

LindaG said...

Haha. Well, Good luck, John!

North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard said...

John, that was so cute & funny !

The Elephant's Child said...

Some of them are very, very clever. We have cats. Some years back we also had mice. My smaller portion made disparaging remarks about the uselessness of the cats. The following morning as he was putting on his shoes ready for work a mouse head rolled out of the toes. You never, never diss a cat.

LindaG said...

Hahahahaha!!!!! That is awesome. Score one for the cat! :o)