Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Surprises

Thanks to mybabyjohn/delores over at thefeatherednest for allowing me to use this 'Kreative Blogger Award'.

Seven things you (may) not know about me:

1. I am 70 years old - Yes! a real Grumpy Old Man (that's G.O.M. - lol!) - Had my seventieth birthday this month.

2. I am multi-skilled with degrees in Arts (Sociology), Litt B  (Archaeology and Prehistory), Grad Dip Ed. (Adult Education) and Nursing (Administration) - tho' I am now retired.

3. We have two grandsons aged 7 and 9 who live with their other grandparents in Sydney.

4. I drive as a volunteer driver two days a week for our Home Living Support Service ferrying elderly local residents to medical appointments throughout our region.

5. I have two fruiting black olive trees in our garden for which I am purchasing a home olive press to make my own olive oil and next spring I am going to plant and trellis two Chinese Gooseberry ('Kiwi Fruit') vines.

6. I am a philatelist - I collect Australian stamps and have 29 albums of Australian stamps that are illustrated and annotated and so are a constant reminder to me of Australian society and its history.

7. I am a keen amateur photographer and always carry a pocket Nikon camera with me - which drives some friends mad (sorry 'Neen! lol)


John Gray said...

an old grump?

JohnD said...

Oh JohnG, many would disagree with you - p'raps 'cos of my penchant for taking a leaf from St. Paul in his second letter to the Corinthians 'do not suffer fools gladly'

joeh said...

Ya gotta love Grumpy Old Men!

JohnD said...

Of course you do - they are fabled beings in any community that has ever existed! lol!

LindaG said...

A belated Happy Birthday, John!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

JohnD said...

Thank you Linda. I'm afraid that as you get into the 'aged ranks' birthdays lose a lot of their fun and become more of a 'marker' than a 'landmark'.

The Elephant's Child said...

Birthdays are always better than the alternative though. I love the idea of home grown olive oil, and chinese gooseberries (which is what my father called them).

JohnD said...

LoL! Yes I prefer a "birth"day over the alternative.