Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lower case, upper case! Blahhhhhh!

As if this stupid Blogger "Word Verification" wasn't enough!

Just been through the process of getting a second Visa debit card for myself on Rhonda's debit account as part of her salary sacrifice so I can do the shopping, pay bills, etc using that account. Trouble is Rhonda filled in the form for the second card. She writes like a mouse! I swear she could write the St James bible on a postage stamp. As part of the application she needed to put in my email address which would be used for me to register and login to change the default password to one I'm more comfortable with.

How many ways can you write "j" in lower case - especially when you are a teensy wheensy writer - so that it can be read as being "j".

All attempts to register failed and I reckon its 'cos someone at the other end saw her writing of "j" as some other alphabet letter. Its Saturday morning here to add to the dilemma. I went to the "Contact Us - Help" area and guess what - Office hours only Monday to Friday 8.30 to 4.30.

I really don't want a second card, however, Rhonda works under her maiden name and that's what the accounts in, so, If I go to pay for anything using her card in her name she (rightfully) assumes the people on the other side of the counter will be suspicious and lock the account!


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The Elephant's Child said...

Oh joy and bliss (not). My partner's writing looks like chicken tracks and is v small as well. I dread scenarios like this one. And our surnames are different which just adds to the mess. Heart felt empathy on this one.