Tuesday, May 8, 2012

T1 Diabetes and Jelly Baby Month

JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 

May is Jelly Baby Month, when Jelly Baby products appear in supermarkets, chemists, schools and workplaces across Australia.

Living With Type 1 Diabetes

When you or someone you know is first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it can feel like the whole world has been turned upside down. You may experience a range of reactions including shock, anger, fear or denial. This is completely normal and always remember "you are not alone".
When a person is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it affects the whole family and will pose challenges for everyone. This difficult period will pass and you will learn to cope. Having diabetes will not prevent you or your loved one from enjoying a full and active life.
Progress is being made in the treatment options and management techniques of type 1 diabetes.

Thank you to retail partners Woolworths, Amcal, MyChemist, Chemist Warehouse and Discount Vitamin Warehouse, and  distribution partner Toll IPEC, for their support of this special campaign.
There's a variety of ways that you can support Jelly Baby Month in 2012... 
  • Watch this YouTube clip:

  • Pre-pay for a merchandise box
  • Order a merchandise box and bank funds as you raise them
  • Share Jelly Baby lollies with your friends and workmates with a confectionery box
Supporting Jelly Baby Month means that your friends, family, colleagues, clients, suppliers, sporting groups or other clubs will be helping you to be part of a better life for people with type 1 diabetes and ultimately a cure. Click below


Sue said...

I grew up with Diabetes in the family. My mother and her eleven brothers all had it. Wasn't very pleasant to watch the daily injections back then. My ex husband also had it, but by then the syringes were tiny. He didn't maintain his diabetes very well unfortunaltely. Yes, it affected the whole family. Sue

JohnD said...

I hope you buy some jelly babies to assist in the fight against Juvenile diabetes amongst Australian children.

Go here -

and by one of the merchandise packs and spread them around your friends.