Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finally, at long last ...

Flat Rock Crossing is a single lane river crossing upstream from the Hume Bridge on the Yass River. For many years residents have wanted a walking/cycling path around Riverbank Park from the weir below Hume Bridge to Flat Rock Crossing, the low level crossing further upstream.

The pathway ends at the Low Level Crossing

At present we can follow a pathway that cicumnavigates 99% of Riverbank Park - but there is no pathway across Flat Rock Crossing and pedestrians and cyclist - the latter largely made up of High School cyclists trying to get to the Yass High School - have to cross and mix in with vehicular traffic. That's a very dangerous situation.

For years many have been agitating for council to put a pedestrian/cycleway path adjacent to Flat Rock Crossing. Funding was voted for this project by council, however, NSW Fisheries/State Water wanted to ensure that any construction did not obstruct fish movements up and down stream. I understand a steel reinforced, poured concrete footpath span is going to be erected and stabilising of the southern embankment is now taking place.

Coffer dam structure commenced on the southern embankment.
Heavy earthmoving plant can be seen in the background

This is a very attractive area, home to many varieties of fish and wildfowl. It is only proper that due deliberation by the responsible parties occurred.

Looking upstream from the low level crossing

Pondage upstream

Looking downstream

The signage went up yesterday and heavy plant was moved into position.

Looks like all systems are "Go!"

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