Friday, June 1, 2012

Heavenly Cheesecake - Secrets

I had a few inquiries so here are a few of my 'tips' - my "Secrets" for a great cheesecake.



  1. They do take time! Don’t cut corners here!

  1. Biscuits – alternatives are plain biscuits like "Morning Coffee", or, "Milk Arrowroot", etc. Use 2/3 to ¾ of packet – enough to make a thin lining for the cake tin.

  1. Butter (use butter not alternatives) – use about ¾ packet.

  1. When putting biscuit mix into the bottom of tin don’t get the bottom corner too thick.

  1. Best to use a blender to crumb up biscuits – do a few at a time

  1. Sometimes I do the biscuit base the day before and put it in the fridge overnight.


  1. Mix in a glass bowl, preferably.

  1. With a fork, or, rotary beater, whip the Philly cheese until no lumps and it goes runny - like a pouring custard, or, cream.

  1. Add egg yolks and whip again to combine

  1. Add sugar and milk and whip again until whole mixture is light and frothy.

Cook 10 minutes on a stove top in a double saucepan – water in bottom saucepan just simmering ('Blooping')

Whilst cooking

  1. Juice 1 lemon – ¼ to ½ cup of fresh lemon juice (If you warm the whole lemon in a microwave for 10 seconds you get more juice)

  1. Have water and gelatine ready

  1. Beat egg whites – slowly adding castor sugar until this mixture is stiff (like meringue)

At the end of the 10 minutes cooking

  1. Take saucepan with the filling mixture off the stove top.

  1. Combine water and gelatine until dissolved then fold into the filling mixture.

  1. Fold in the lemon juice  - this is where the mixture could curdle so go slowly.

  1. Fold in egg white mixture.

You can top with sprinkles, chocolate, etc, and put the whole thing in the fridge to set.

It may take you a couple of attempts to master it but once you do you'll be the "Cheesecake Master" and the envy of all your friends!


Annmarie Pipa said...

thanks for these very useful tips!! send them into a magazine and earn some $!

JohnD said...

Ha! Ha! Actually they are quite commonly known amongst chefs and serious cooks. I posted them for the more advantageous use by amateurs who may be put off trying something (that I find very easy) like making a cheesecake.

Actually, I do not even regard 'making a cheesecake' as 'cooking' - its 80% "assembly" work lol!