Monday, June 25, 2012

What a great horse ...

Black Caviar's win in the United Kingdom for last weekend's running of the Queen Anne Group 1 Stakes was a mighty performance.

22 straight wins in her total career - 12 Group 1 wins - she must rank amongst the greatest of sprinters in the horse world.

And she's a magnificent looking specimen of a horse!

Her win last weekend was made even more amazing considering she ran with unknown injuries - As dawn broke the day after the big race, the vets were already at work at the Newmarket stables checking on two muscle tears and severe bruising to Black Caviar's hind legs.

"She has a couple of minor muscle tears in her hind quarters and so they’re letting her cool down and they’ll re-appraise her over the next few days," Co-owner Colin Madden said. "She's gone into quarantine because it was quite clear it was time for her to come back to Australia." He says time will tell if the Royal Ascot was Black Caviar's last race.

"This is a plausible, tangible explanation as to why she didn't run in the same manner that we have seen in the past. She’s had to dig in for the fight right at the end and try to win on heart."
ABC race caller Gerard Whateley

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