Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Birmingham trilogies

Reading the second of Birmingham's trilogies, the "Disappearance" trilogy. Fair dinkum, every North American would be pooping their pants if they read these three books. They are set in the current era, are well researched and structured and present a very feasible 'catastrophe' scenario blended into a 'Conspiracy Theory' format, tho' some of the characters such as Rhino A Ross are a little unbelievable.

Without Warning by John Birmingham (Jul 6, 2010)
After America by John Birmingham (Jul 26, 2011), 

and just starting to read the last book in this trilogy:
Angels of Vengeance by John Birmingham (Apr 10, 2012)

Cannot wait to see how this one turns out but if it follows its current direction than America is ...... (I'll be polite) ...... "done for like a dead duck in the water!"

I have read his first trilogy:
Weapons of Choice (The Axis of Time Trilogy, Book 1) by John Birmingham (Apr 26, 2005)
Designated Targets by John Birmingham (Dec 26, 2006)
Final Impact (The Axis of Time) by John Birmingham (Dec 26, 2007)

and could not put them down. I was disappointed with the very much 'up in the air' ending but I believe a fourth novelette, one to finish off the unfinished business of the third book, is in the pipeline.

 This trilogy was a re-working of WWII with a modern day "Allied Nations" battle fleet under the command of an American Admiral suddenly 'popping up' in the Pacific Ocean.

"The impossible has spawned the unthinkable. A military experiment in the year 2021 has thrust an American-led multinational armada back to 1942, right into the middle of the U.S. naval task force speeding toward Midway Atoll—and what was to be the most spectacular U.S. triumph of the entire war. 
Thousands died in the chaos, but the ripples had only begun. For these veterans of Pearl Harbor—led by Admirals Nimitz, Halsey, and Spruance—have never seen a helicopter, or a satellite link, or a nuclear weapon. And they’ve never encountered an African American colonel or a British naval commander who was a woman and half-Pakistani. While they embrace the armada’s awesome firepower, they may find the twenty-first century sailors themselves far from acceptable."

You can find all of his books on and can be purchased and download on Kindle.

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