Sunday, July 15, 2012

Canberra's Cotter Dam

There's a new dam wall being built downstream of the existing Cotter Dam. The enlarged Cotter Dam will increase the reservoir's capacity from four gigalitres to about 78 gigalitres, or 20 times its current size.

An aerial view shows the difference in size between the old, 30m dam wall, and the new wall which still has over 25 metres to rise. Photo: Col Ellis
It is 53 metres high and will continue growing until it hits 80 metres. More than 260,000 cubic metres of concrete have been poured, according to an ACTEW Water spokesman. And there's still another 120,000 cubic metres to go.

The new dam wall is an imposing sight from below. Photo: Col Ellis


Maa said...

I've spent many many days there as a kid. Then enjoyed many times there with my kids and ultimately spent many time there with all the family. Christmas, Easter, birthdays and fun days. Swimming, bbq-ing, picnicing etc. Must go and have a look at this sometime soon. I have photos somewhere ...I can look back. Sue

Annmarie Pipa said...

oh my gosh! how amazing!!! My daughter will be a senior civil engineering major and gets so excited about these kinds of projects...she is always pointing them out to us with such passion!! but not not on this scale...she would love to see this.

Maria said...

I've never been good at picturing things when I see them halfway through. This may be why I feel like crying whenever we have work done on our house.

John Gray said...

impresive john!