Sunday, July 29, 2012

One day in and I'm sick of it already!

Albanian weightlifter Hysen Pulaku fails a drugs test and will
not compete at the London 2012 Olympics.

Weightlifter disqualified for steroid use - (that's NEWS?)

The cycling victor no-one wanted to see - 
former drug cheat Alexander Vinokourov

Brits claim Aussies conspired to prevent Cavendish winning cycling road race Gold Medal - (cyclists rode the ideal race. The trouble is that at the Olympics, sometimes that won't do )

PHOTO: Ryan Lochte humbled Michael Phelps to win his
fourth Olympic gold medal. (Reuters: Jorge Silva)
Phelps fails - (Crikey, he's as old as me!)

PHOTO: An emotional Stephanie Rice speaks to the media after finishing sixth. (Channel 9)
Rice fades to last -(Well, world records are the target for others to beat!)

Eddie McGuire sounded like he was reading slabs of text off the page.

Australia's Nine Network Eddie McGuire - (maybe he should stick to "Who wants to be a Millionaire"?)

I reckon that this is the greatest team of whingers Australia has ever sent away to an Olympics and, personally, I'll be glad when they are back home and stop embarrassing us! Bad team selections, two lame horses in the equestrian events, disgruntled athletes, talks of 'boycotts' - they are just a bunch of drama queens! 

Oh! btw - well done to the Aussie girls for winning Gold in the 4x100 metres freestyle last night!

A comment from Peter FitzSimons - one of our better media commentators - from London:

Brits do it well
The Opening Ceremony? It was first class - that is, if you can warm to a ceremony that did not boast lots of Hills Hoists and Victa lawnmowers. The biggest cheer was a toss-up between the Queen, Rowan Atkinson and Muhammad Ali - for the first it came from loyalty, the second for his genius, and the third because he is nothing less than the most loved man in the world. Among national groups, of course the Great Britain team received the most applause. But the USA ran them close, as did Australia, with our mob extremely warmly applauded despite what they're about to do to them. Worst received, with outright booing, was Argentina, presumably because the wounds of the Falklands War still run deep 30 years on, while the Syrians were met with something close to silence. The crowd wanted to welcome the athletes, while protesting what the regime is doing to its people - and so settled with staring at them, while they stared back. All up though, a privilege to be there, even if it did take well over two hours to get back to our hotel. The Poms do pageantry far better than they do traffic.

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The Elephant's Child said...

The bit about the Olympics which never fails to peeve me is the description of successful athletes as heros. Not in my book. Hero has a very different meaning. Hiss and spit.

JohnD said...

We sent athlete's who qualified with "B" times, an equestrian ranked 354th in the world instead of our Number 12, a swimmer who finished eighth in her heat, tennis players coming off a gruelling international schedule, selected team members the selectors knew were injured. And then we had Steffersen and Co. - whinge, whining, whinge.

Makes me sick to be an Australian and its not fair to the Olympics or to the host nation!!