Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Assassinate PROTUS Unbelievable !!!!

 A group of American soldiers formed an anarchist militia and spent $US87,000 ($83,922) on weapons in an elaborate plot to overthrow the government and ultimately assassinate the president, a court heard. The soldiers allegedly made themselves into a group called FEAR, standing for Forever Enduring Always Ready, and bought land in Washington state from which to launch attacks. They were said to have planned to blow up a dam and poison apple crops in Washington state, bomb a park in Savannah, Georgia, attack vehicles belonging to Department of Homeland Security employees, and take over an ammunition control point at the sprawling Fort Stewart army base in Georgia.

OK! They are regarded as traitors and likely to pay dearly bur consideration should be given to how stupid they are - They all branded themselves with Anarchist tattoos (I wonder how many US troops are buying skin abrasives right now!) and they also published their own book about true patriots which they called "The Manuscript".

On top of that they murdered a 19 year old soldier and his 17 year old girlfriend who had stumbled upon their plot.

The leader of the group  Pte Isaac Aguigui, funded the group from $500,000 insurance money he received from the death of his pregnant girlfriend - as tho' insurance investigators would have ignored the payout!

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LindaG said...

Those soldiers were so ignorant they deserve a firing squad.

JohnD said...

Linda, I think they are 'trash' and they smear the good reputation of all loyal and honourable service men and women!

AstridsSoapbox said...

They all have idiot IQ's, watch mindless movies where tattooed, mumbling drips wave around heavy submachine guns and think that makes them 'leaders of the pack.' What a bunch of dingdongs!

The Elephant's Child said...

I still don't support the death penalty. For anyone. I think it is more about revenge than about justice.