Wednesday, September 5, 2012

High bushfire alert

It's warm, it's dry and very windy - a combination that has firefighters on alert across the state of New South Wales.

The Rural Fire Service has issued total fire bans in 11 parts of the state, with the Bureau of Meteorology releasing a severe weather warning for damaging winds across much of NSW. When you couple up all those things - warm, dry and windy - that's bad fire weather.

North-westerly winds blowing between 60km/h and 100km/h are ahead of a cold front that will cross the state later today.

The temperature is expected to hit the mid- to high-20s (C) across most parts of NSW today. RFS spokesman Brendan Doyle said the total fire ban, which prohibits open fires and suspends any fire permits, will be in place until midnight.

Current map of fire incidents


LindaG said...

We're (the midwest and western U.S.) just getting through that season; with a lot of the country still in severe drought.

Sorry to see you're starting off with a number of fires.

And I hope your Fire Service is better at doing controlled burns than the Forest Service in NC.

Stay safe, John.

The Elephant's Child said...

We have had the winds all day and this evening had incontinent pigeon rain - splat, splat and it was gone. More is forecast and I really hope that it happens.

JohnD said...

We've had gusty winds all day that rattle the front of the house when they hit - no rain but the wind has got progressively colder and more westerly!