Thursday, September 27, 2012

Injury status update

Hi all - thanks for all the best wishes for a rapid improvement. Afraid its going to be a long row to hoe!

Maa - agree. As we get older these sort of injuries come back on us with a vengeance. I'm finally starting to get some sleep at night, albeit in around '2 hour grabs' before the pain wakes me up - actually got nearly three hours last night, so the pain killers 'dullers' must be starting to work.

Thanks to Joe, Gill, Cindy, Linda and everyone else for your kind thoughts.

Rhonda is off today and after she has a nap to catch up on a few hours sleep she is going to drive me over to Belconnen Markets in Canberra (ACT) and we will probably have afternoon tea there in the Chinese restaurant - Roast Duck Rolls and Steamed Prawn Dim Sums with Chinese Green Tea - Yummo. Some fresh seafood for dinner and the freshest and cheapest green grocer produce in the region (of course I'll get my favourite Ciabatta loaf from the Italian wood fire bakehouse).

Once again - thank you all and I'll post as I'm able!




John Gray said...

chin up johnboy
we're all thinking about you

Gill - That British Woman said...

I haven't heard that song in a long time, brought back many memories.


Susan Heather said...

Hope the pain starts to ease up. I have just had my shoulder strapped for a few days and must say the pain has eased considerably. Mind you I haven't been doing anything as I have also gone down with some dreaded virus.

Mine is nowhere near as bad as yours!

The Elephant's Child said...

We are indeed thinking about you, and hoping that your recovery is smooth. We are going to the markets on the other side of town today. Similar aims though...

LindaG said...

Hope the medicine helps more as it builds in your system.
Hope you can heal more, John. *hugs* ♥

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Sorry John, but I had to post you up on my post of yesterday... so do please behave ! "Just Me"