Sunday, October 14, 2012

What IS going on in Detroit ???

Fox 2 News Headlines

"A Detroit paramedic says that he is being brought up on departmental charges after giving a blanket to a cold, elderly man, Charlie LeDuff reports for Fox 2.

"Something that would seem like a common everyday courtesy, something that any man or woman would do in the city of Detroit, give a freezing man a blanket, I'm being punished for it," said paramedic Jeff Gaglio. At a house fire two weeks ago, Gaglio gave the blanket to the resident, who was brought outside wearing only his underwear.
EMS Chief Jerald James told Fox 2 employees can't be allowed to give away state property of any kind without permission, though LeDuff reports the blankets were donated to the department.
The cash-strapped Emergency Medical Service is battling problems that seem larger than blankets. The understaffed department has to make do with out-of-date ambulances, according to the Detroit News, and brings in $8 million less annually than its budget, in part due to the large number of uninsured Detroiters who aren't able to pay for their services.
As usual, Detroit newsman LeDuff's eccentric style adds flair to the video, as he interviews Gaglio while curled up in his bed and wears a blanket as a cape in front of EMS headquarters."

For crying out loud - if the Detroit EMS is so cash-strapped for blankets, give me an address and I'll post them half a dozen, good quality, Aussie pure wool blankets. I'll even arrange for a wide red stripe to mark them as EMS blankets!


The Elephant's Child said...

That is truly sad and bad and it wouldn't surprise me if similar rules apply here. Hiss and spit, a phrase I have found necessary too often this month.

joeh said...

It's embarrassing

Susan Heather said...

What is the world coming to???

Jim said...

Somebody with a little too much time on his hands!! And NO common sense! Time for `shake up` in THAT department!!

Maa said...

Maybe we should get one of our charities to send them a couple of surplus army blankets! Sue