Thursday, November 8, 2012

Georgia Girl

How embarrassing some people can be!!!

It must be quite a shock for Julia Gillard to find that President Barack Obama's re-election somehow transformed her into Australia's male, Christian president who "actually supports what he says". 
Confused? So was Kristen Neel, a teenager from Georgia, who gained Twitter infamy in Australia in a matter of hours on Wednesday evening.

Kristeen, we have a Prime Minister, who is female, an atheist (and lives with her male partner) and our voting system is compulsory and decided on a preferential distribution of ballots!

Yes! She's from Georgia, she's a 'New spell' "Christine", and she's blonde!


AstridsSoapbox said...

Maybe the poor girl thought there was an "n" on the end of Julia's name? Where she got the other misinformation should probably be put down to the blonde bit eh?

Maa said...

Maybe she heard someone mention that JG has 'balls' or like my mother used to say " hair in her teeth" Haha! Maa