Saturday, May 29, 2010

Age Pension Application

I was advised to apply for an Age Pension - more for the "supplementary medical benefit entitlements" than any income stream - so I started this morning.

Six hours later and I've just stop filling in the 76 pages of downloaded application forms (and that's not counting the copies of supporting evidence like superannuation income, bank statements, etc, etc, that I need to attach).

Called a halt for the day as, firstly, I was getting tired and cranky and, secondly, I found I needed to download another 12 page form and send it to my superannuation provider to obtain a financial statement!

Good Lord Almighty - the bureaucratic world is going mad!  Every form asked the same questions over and over again.!


Steve Bennett said...

Gotta keep you Old People busy doing something in your retirement John, can't have you out and about and enjoying your leisure time now can we?

John said...

Yeah - but 70+ pages of paperwork is unreal! Who designed this - Serge44?

John Gray said...

i am not far behind you