Friday, June 11, 2010

Quick update on knee Replacement

Hi all!  I'm still around. Rhonda collected me at the hospital last Sunday and brought me home.  Wasn't a comfortable trip home - some 84klms and 15klms of that over rough road - but I was so glad to get out of hospital and be home.

Denny The Dog went 'berserkers' - he was just so pleased to see me and realise that Rhonda had not actually squeezed me into that little silver box (mobile phone) LOL

Been a hard row all week - back to the specialist this morning and had the 28 clips removed from my knee - he's pleased despite the tension swelling and discolouration as the bruising leaches out. Wound is clean, neat, slim and sealed. Start Rehab on next Tuesday. Trying to balance adequate pain relief against being 'zonked' out of my brain is a daily battle (10mg of Endone every 4 hours and 40mg of Oxy-contin twice a day plus some 'lighter' analgesics in between is massive for me!)

I was informed this afternoon by SWMBO that dosage reduction starts on Monday!

Add to all that the havoc it plays with ones bowels and the pin-cushion bruising to one's abdomen from daily injections of Celexane anti-coagulant and I'm looking forward to putting this experience behind me.

Cold here - Minus 2C last night and top of 10C today, so that only adds to the aches.  Think there's some early snow on the way.

Good luck to all who are interested as the Football World Cup gets underway tonight in South Africa - at least I'll have something to watch in the 'wee hours' when wrenched from the world of slumber to do the nightly trip down the corridor and to top up the drug levels!



John Gray said...

hope the rehab goes ok.....keep it steady
best j

Steve Bennett said...

I take it John by your closing comment that you fancy the Italians will win back to back World Cups?

John said...

Steve - always stick with the form and winners like being winners.

John - thanks for the support, first day by myself today and I think I'm already developing 'cabin fever'! LOL!

Jabacue said...

Found your blog on John Gray's.
Good luck with the is such an integral part of recovery. I recently finished 12 weeks of it and boy did it help me out a lot with recovery.....not just physically but also mentally.