Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good trades people worth every cent

While I remain hors de combat and unable to drive a manual vehicle, Rhonda took the truck to work a couple of times last week - it's a manually geared vehicle, so I am not allowed to drive it for another 4 weeks (at least). Its a 1.5 tonne Holden Rodeo LT, 5 speed manual gearbox and a 3.5 litre turbocharged Isuzu truck petrol engine - a real "beast"

I was surprised 'cos for the past four years we've had it she has never attempted to drive it as its size intimidates her - but she is a very capable driver. We usually use it for towing the small caravan or on our trips 'up-country' which are frequently on bush tracks.

This image was taken last year in June when we were fossicking in the Canowindra region where there are a lot of Devonian Period fossils. Unique to the Canowindra area is a massive 'fish kill' incident that occurred 350 million years ago and were covered by sediment until the chance discovery by roadworkers in 1955.  - Age of Fishes Museum, Canowindra, NSW

Anyway - that's another story.

On the two times Rhonda took the truck to work we had severe fogs and she discovered the fog lights were not working. Fortunately she had her headlights and the clear driving lights mounted in the bullbar.  Anyhow, I arranged for it to go up to the auto electricians today to be remedied. Our local auto electrician does all the electrics on the truck from secondary battery system to run out fridge freezer when touring, to electric brakes for towing and the rear video cameras. He's very possessive of the truck, so much so that when we came to pick it up he said in a gruff voice - "Who's been doing work on the truck?"

When we told him no-one and that he was the only one that had worked on it and we were able to nominate the most recent time when he had fitted a new battery late last year. His demeanour changed immediately as he grinned and said:

"Well!  That's alright than!  I must be losing it! The wire connecting the foglights to the relay was disconnected at the battery.  I must've done that!"

Of course there was no charge! It's great to have trades people who are honest about their own work and who also value their customers!

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