Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weather and immediate planning

Such a cold and dreary time of the year on the Highlands of NSW just below the snowline, -5C yesterday and -2C this morning - top around 10C for about an hour during the day.

We are currently into our shortest week of the year (shortest day last Saturday, I believe) and following this we have about a month of cold, damp, frosty grey days before the days start to lengthen out, 'tho some days the sun is out, the sky is so clear and azure blue that from inside it is deceptive and gives a false sense of warmness.

Yesterday I made my first distance drive - 120klm return trip to Belconnen in the ACT (a really unattractive area of Canberra imho) - but once we drove out of the fog it was so pleasant motoring along in a warm car with the sun shining brightly all around.

I think I'm on track for a return to Wyangala in about 2 weeks time when Rhonda has her RDO. It will be a quiet trip, no 'bush bashing' as we were given a small Rinnai gas heater so I want to 'tee up' the gasfitter to extend our gas heating inside the camp unit by running a bayonet connector of the main bottle line to the lounge area.

If the weather conditions and the light are right there are two derelict hardwood slab and iron homesteads that I want to photograph before they completely collapse.

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