Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 21 ....

On the 27th of May, at my Pre-operation assessment, I weighed 120.9 kg!

Today, on the 27th June, I weighed (and re-weighed on separate scales) and I weighed 99.8 - a total loss of 21 kg! That is very close to 3.5 stone under the old weight system

I know a lot of this is due to appetite suppressant effect of the narcotic analgesics but it is making both my knees feel better and I feel good about it as well!


Steve Bennett said...

That is a massive amount John, to lose one sixth of your body weight in one month is pretty extreme. Take care, you need strength as well as weight loss in this recovery!

John said...

Cardiologist said my ideal weight was 85kg, so there's room there. Test will come as I withdraw from the narcotics to use more conventional pain killers like paracetamol/panadol. Appetite should return.

We are off to Hobart with a week at the Grand Chancellor in the end of August, so it remains to be seen if the gastronome in me can resisit the fine wines and cuisine of Hobart!

John Gray said...

well done mate... been there lost the lbs