Monday, June 21, 2010

Mouse Gornnnn!

Up early this morning - Rhonda on a 'training day', so our usual routine all out of kilter - and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.  "Denny-the-Dog" followed me in to the kitchen and made a bee-line for the corner of the cupboards and stood there looking intently upwards with his tail wagging - unusual for him as the first thing he wants to do is to head outside!

Had a look and found one dead grey field mouse in one of the traps in the little 'runway' they were following between the stove and the bread bins.

Oh well!  Feel sorry for the poor little thing 'cos it was only trying to survive the cold of winter - but - should not have tried to make my kitchen its home!

Will set the traps again tonight in case there are any others around!


Jabacue said...

Yes, I agree. As cute as these critters are, they can cause disease. We have to do the same thing on occasion...usually in the fall when it's getting cooler.

John said...

Yep! Happens here at around the same time onour seasons - "Opportunistic Occupation" my old Dad called it!

Surprisingly, when we lived on the beach at the Far South Coast, it was a lot more common occurrence. I guess the grain silos and sillage dumps up here makes for a safer winter nest than indoors.

John Gray said...

luckily we have albert who kills ANYTHING on four, two and even one leg!!!