Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some good news at last.

After more than 12 months since daughter Kat fled from an unpleasant marital situation to Hobart in Tasmania she has finally manage to secure a decent job. QBE have offered her a full-time position as a claims officer. Nothing huge but its a start and a leg-up back into insurance (which is a pretty tight shop in Tasmania!)

We are so delighted at this 'cos she was just 'treading water' as a part-time shop assistant and wasting her talents. More to the point is that she was at her wits end and believed that this application (one of the dozens she has submitted for various jobs) was probably her last chance to get back into work she does so well. All her previous applications and interviews were ending up - "Good, but we prefer someone from within the organisation!" Towards the end she was starting to get some referrals from interviews towards other jobs that she was qualified for but kept hitting that 'closed shop' attitude from other employers.

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