Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cold, damp and foggy ...

Rhonda's on a morning shift and its Saturday morning as well, so she knows the ward will be short-staffed as the O/S students who are doing time to become credentialled in Australia will probably not turn up.

The fact that they are from tropical climates, its -2C, damp and foggy will add to that belief - they'll pull their doonas over their heads, switch of the alarm and go back to sleep.  Rhonda will round them up from their quarters later in the morning and they had better not be expecting breakfast when they do arrive!

Weather has been most unusual to what we've experienced over the past two decades of drought.  This July has been quite moist - almost 75mm of rain locally - which the farmers are loving as its keeping their fields moist and green and growing good sillage fodder.

I woke Rhonda at 4.45am with a cup of tea and it was already -1C under our pergola area and a heavy fog was moving in.  After she was up and moving I went back to bed (maybe those students are onto something LOL!) and slept until 10am.

When I woke up there was still a lot of fog around so I grabbed a few snaps:

Rhonda took my truck this morning as it needs a run - neighbours would have appreciated that beast starting up and choking down to idle speed at 5.45 am but they are all young and it is 'payback' for their noisy 1am arrival home from the pub this morning!

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