Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ducks on the pond .... again

Over the years our town pond has become home to a number of domestic ducks that have either escaped from their pens, or, been deliberately released onto the pond. The pond is part of the Yass River and is formed by a low level concrete crossing at one end and a 2 metre high wall which forms an overflow weir at the other end.

The ducks have been adopted by many of the regular visitors and dog walkers along the pond pathways and are fed liberal amounts of bread - and the odd hot chip I suspect.

Despite the unbelievable amount of trash that the heavy rains have flushed down the town storm drains into Chinaman's Creek and on into the Yass River our ducks have returned to the pond after the rain cleared.

It is truly amazing to see the amount of trash - mainly take away containers - that finds it way through the storm drains. We do have "Trash Traps" - large rope nets placed over the direct dtorm water inflow points, however, further up stream where Chinaman's creek enters the system there are no such "Trash Traps" in place.

For at least a decade I have been a strong advocate of redeveloping Chinaman's Creek into a large covered drainages system that opens into a series of stepped shallow ponds supporting wetland plants and reeds that would act as a filter for this trash and prevent much of it from entering the Yass River pond area.

Letter to Council and to the local Tribune newspaper coming up - we need additional "Trash Traps" installed along Chinaman's Creek.


John Gray said...

might be worth putting a sign up saying dont feed the ducks too much bread.... it gives em the shits!!!!!

John said...

It certainly does, however, they have a large grassy slope to take their prolific 'slip-trip' deposits'! LOL.

More of concern is the public waste that comes from littering the streets with discardable food and drink containers!

Gill - That British Woman said...

Great photos, why do people not take their garbage home with them? We have the same problem here in Canada as well.

Gill in Canada