Thursday, July 15, 2010

It Rained and it Rained and then it rained some more ...

We took a few days off and headed up to Wyangala for some R 'n R - no phones, no TV, no computers, no radios - just pure peace and quiet, real bliss.

And it Rained!

Tuesday was not too bad - just some heavy showers came in.  I took this image during a short break in the rain:

This is the normal view of the same angle:

During Tuesday night a southerly gale hit with rain and high winds coming straight off the southern snow fields - it bucketed down and we got over 65mm (2+ inches in the old scale) during Tuesday night.

 During all of this a little old lady and her dog were trying to survive in a tent. She was on a return trip from Townsville, visiting her daughter and new No. 4 grandson in Canberra and stopped at the campsites for a few days.

That's her little tent that she and her 12 year old dog slept in during the night.  Next day she told us that she thought she was going to end up like Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" and take of airborne, dog and all, during the night.

Footnote: 150klms away we had 35mm of snow overnight. Tonights local temps are forecast at -3C and going up to a top of 10C tomorrow!


John Gray said...

is it me john , but has the weather gone a bit wild over the last couple of years??

John said...

I think its cyclical - over a 25-30 year period - certainly I recall cold stormy winters previously like this - but coming 'out of the blue', so-to-speak, such storms are certainly felt to be more than usual.