Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dinner tonight

I am making a Meat and Vegetable Sauce to go with San Remo Angel Hair Spaghetti - it's my variation on Spaghetti Bolognese (or Bolognaise - whatever takes your fancy)

1 large brown onion, diced
1 large carrot, diced
1 stick of celery, diced
1 cup of red and green capsicum, diced
½ cup of frozen peas
1 400 g tin of diced tomatoes – spices optional
1 cup of chicken stock
2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon of chopped garlic chives
1 400-500 g of Bolognese pasta sauce
500 g of lean minced beef
powdered parmesan cheese
olive oil for cooking

Sweat onions , garlic and garlic for 2 minutes on medium heat – do not let onion brown.
Add celery, carrot and capsicum and cook for a further 5 minutes
Transfer vegetables to a clean bowl
Add some extra olive oil and heat and add mince, cooking until brown and broken up finely.
Return vegetables to pan and combine well
Pour in tinned tomatoes, chicken stock and pasta sauce. Bring to the boil and reduce to a ‘bloopish’ simmer for 45-60 minutes
KEEP MOIST, do not allow sauce to reduce to pure mince – Add a dash of stock or white wine if necessary
Add peas about 15 minutes from end of cooking and mix well
Cook and drain pasta, serve into individual dishes and sprinkle with some parmesan cheese powder
Spoon over the sauce and serve, adding more parmesan to suit taste.
Serve with a fresh , crusty bread loaf.

That much sauce is too much for us for one meal so I freeze down the extra sauce and use again within a week.


John Gray said...

I willl give this a go! sounds easy and good!

John said...

Yes! It is easy - made it in an electric frypan - enough in that mix to feed 6 hungry people. Sometimes I add a couple of middle rasher cuts (the 'eye cuts') of bacon, lightly shredded to give it some saltiness.