Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Trip to the City

Rhonda and I journeyed to Sydney for my brother-in-laws funeral. Sad time but we managed an overnight stay at our favourite hotel - Sheraton on  the Park

Just a little place to lay our heads - nice view of Hyde Park and St Mary's Cathedral, 'tho.

There was a wedding going on at the Sydney Grand Synagogue

Just a small one - Three white rollers and several armed guards

We went for a stroll before dinner and saw the monorail in Pitt Street and even for a late Sunday evening the traffic was busy in Park Street

We had dinner in the Botanica Brasserie - a buffet-style meal with lots of oysters, king prawns, Balmain Bugs, Blue Swimmer Crabs and a lovely roast pork and roast turkey from the carvery. The dessert table was a delite and we each took eight small varieties of different cheesecakes, slices and cakes. Good value with a bottle of Western Australian cabernet sauvignon from the Margaret River vineyards and all up around $220AUS including the 'tip'.

We gain 'points' from staying in Sheraton hotels and can convert those points into free overnight stays, or, room upgrades and the Sheraton chain are always well organised and smartly presented.

Monday we went to the funeral service. It was raining and a very dreary day. We excused ourselves from attending the internment and drove back home, a three hour trip down the Hume Highway, after doing a 'meet and greet' after the service.

Denny-the-dog had slept in the 'lock-up' for the night - we can prop up the door to allow him free access to his bed - but he went berserk when we arrived home.  Hate to think how he's going to react next week when he will be 'doggy-sat' for a week while we go to Hobart in Tasmania.

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