Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Joy Oh! Joy!

Wyangala here we come!

Rhonda has four days off. Normally she gets a three day break once a month, her two days rostered break and a Rostered day Off every four weeks, but there was an error in her roster for last month and they owe her a day - she elected to take it as an Additional Day Off.

So tomorrow we are heading off to our "Fortress of Solitude" at Wyangala. The weather is not promising with low temperatures and rain forecast bt who cares - I've got two books to read - a Douglas Reeman paperback "The Last Raider" - and a James Herberts modern fantasy "Once ....." a ' for adults only' fairy tale set in modern days in the English Midlands around Shropeshire, UK -

Looking forward to that one.

Rhonda has two new armchairs to fit into the cabin at the expense of one of the old Futons.

If the weather should surprise us then there are some lovely bush walks in the area.

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