Monday, August 9, 2010

Posting pretty flower pictures ....

Some of us are posting some very lovely pictures of flowers - I really like them - but I do not have a 'green thumb' and all my flowers are of the wildflower type.

I don't even know their names - but I don't believe that is a prequisite to 'Appreciation of flowers 101'. Here are a few I took when I went 'bush' last week.

This was growing in a pile of frost-cracked granite rocks, in a paddock, somewhere out along the railway line near Bilmari, a whistle stop on the main line from Cowra to Canowindra (Kan-noun-drah).  Pretty little thing, I think its a weed but the splash of vibrant yellow flowers caught my eye.

Saw a bit of this. I found this specimen growing up the wire mesh of a safety fence along the torturous road over the ranges to Woodstock while taking a short cut through to Orange, via Bathurst.  Its a climbing vine, smooth green leaf and an elongated cluster of mauve flowers. Saw other specimens growing up Eucalyptus trees, wrapped around the tree's trunk like an apron, flowers predominantly following the sun's track.

The abundance of native and wild flora in the countryside, particularly after some rain - like we've had - is a sight to behold.

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