Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's cooking?

The Beer Bread is really great. I toasted a slice under the grill for breakfast and had it with a slice of ham off the bone and some homemade pickles - great breakfast with a steaming large mug of Lipton's Intense Black Tea.

Today, I'm going to make chicken soup using some frozen chicken stock - a residue of last week's two chickens for $5 special at Woolies - and I'm also going to cook fried rice using some left-over boiled rice that we brought home with us after eating in the local Vietnamese restaurant on Sunday night - "Fried Rice 101", Wendy! We will have both of these tonight with fresh chicken schnitzel from one of our local butchers.

Lien's, our local Viet restaurant, is very gracious in providing 'doggy bags' when you cannot eat all of their sizeable meal servings and the best rice for making fried rice is boiled rice a day to 2 days old. Just keep it refrigerated until ready to use.

Don't forget folks - visit and give some encouragement to Janet and Andrew!


Jabacue said...

Hey John, Your bread and soup sound delicious!Tks for fried rice tip.
The artist is John Haymson. It is a print, nice if it was 'original' though...he is selling at very high prices.

John Gray said... idea of bliss

John Gray said...

ps that was very kind of u to support janet
I appreciate that

Wendy said...

LOL! I'm going to make that when I get back to PNG!!!! You promise I can't screw it up, right?!?!?!

John said...

You mean the Beer Bread?

Room Temperature for the beer and stout - any good brands will do, 250ml cups of Self-raising Flour, don't KNEAD it, 2 teaspoons each of salt and sugar!

Watch your oven temperature! 175C fan forced, 200C non-fan forced for around 55 to 60 minutes.

If you haven't got a spring-form cake tin you can 'free form' it, just push the sides up a little bit.

John said...

Gill, any pale beer - it's not the alcohol you are after, it's the yeast in the beer!