Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hi all - I've been away....

We had 3 days in Sydney where I went to see a Urologist - ended up with an overnight in hospital and a minor operation - things seem a lot better now, so i hope it is enduring.

Anyway, following John Gill's Wonderful Service blog I thought some of you may appreciate this little anecdote.

"I had played a week of rugby games in a tournament on rock hard grounds in Queensland and I had sore and blistered feet.  I was due back on duty in a private psychiatric voluntary admission ward where the Charge Sister was a real terror - we called her "Hagar the Horrible" for apt reasons. Anyway, here I was in non-regulation casual Hush Puppies and walking down the long corridor past her office and she spotted me and the offending 'footware'. She came out and screamed at me "Nurse, get out of those shoes!" So I promptly kicked them off and continued down the corridor in my socked feet without missing a stride nor so much as giving her a casual glance, leaving the Hush Puppies sitting in the middle of the corridor. Really cacked the whole ward up and it assumed "Legend Status"  as time passed."
Oh!  I did get my Hush Puppies back and she accpted my excuse as they were so short staffed it was better to have me there in Hush Puppies rather than off duty on sick leave - but she made me get a medical certificate to wear them! LOL!


Jabacue said...

John, Thanks for your kind comments. Hope all is well with you too.
Funny story John. I've heard of those 'charge' nurses but never actually met one....thank God! You seem to have survived them though.

John said...

Jim, Like in One flew over the cuckoo's nest she was the "Nurse Ratched" of that ward!

As for the op - like the man said who jumped off the Empire State Building said as he passed each floor - "So far do good! So far do good! So far do good!" LOL!