Monday, September 27, 2010

What to do with a frozen chook!

We had a frozen chook in the freezer that had to be used up, so I defrosted it, cut it up into chunks and hit the pieces in a frypan with some oil. While that was going on I chopped up some orange sweet potato and some red and some green capsicum and peeled about 15 small brown shallot onions.

The sweet potato went into the bottom of the crockpot on top of some pieces of chicken fat. When the chicken pieces were brown I threw them into the crockpot and put the shallot onions into the pan to soften slightly. I added the capsicum on top of the chicken and then layered the shallot onions across the top of those.

I blended a proprietary slow cooker curried chicken mix with 400mls of coconut cream and poured this over the top, put on the lid and let it slow cook on low for 6 hours - absolutely delightful aroma filled the house. After six hours I added two tablespoons of chopped fresh coriander  shoots (leaves and stems), stirred it through and turned off the heat.

I served it with spiral pasta and lightly blanched Chok Boy leaves and crusty Knot loaf bread.

There's enough left over for a second meal during this week.

Saveloy Hot dogs for dinner tonight and I'm going to use a large can of Tuna that's been sitting in the fridge to make Tuna cakes for dinner tomorrow night.


John Gray said...

I butchered some of my cockerels last year and they STILL are in the freezer.... we have never fancied eating them!!!!

John said...

That's the problem when you have animals that you consider in regard as pets. That's why graziers never let the ewes lamb in the house paddock - always in the far paddock - stops the kids form attachments to them.

Jabacue said...

Sounds delicious to me.Suppose it would be a different thing if I raised them. That's why I'm glad I don't meet what I eat!!